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Carmilla build ML Hero
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Crimson Flower,Bloodbath

Priority Skills and Spell

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Carmilla Skills


Crimson Flower

Passive Skill description

Carmilla summons two Crimson Flowers that circle around her for 5s, continuously dealing 100( +50% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to enemies hit and slowing them by 10% for 0.8s. The slow effect can stack (up to 50%). The Crimson Flowers' circling speed is increased each time an enemy is hit. Carmilla also recovers 75( +35% Total Magic Power) HP (only 30% of this amount on minion hits) each time the Crimson Flowers deal damage.

Hero Carmilla build


Cursed Helmet

Unique Passive - Burning Soul: Deals Magic Damage equal to 0.8% of hero's Max HP per second to nearby enemies. This damage is increased by 150% against minions.


Demon Shoes - Encourage

Unique Passive - Passive - Encourage: Success


Dominance Ice

Unique Passive - Arctic Cold: Reduces the Shield and HP Regen of nearby enemy heroes by 50% (excluding those affected by "Life Drain"), and their Attack Speed by 30%.



Unique Passive - Bless: Raises shield absorption and HP regeneration effects by 30%.



Unique Passive - Immortal: Resurrects in 2.5s after death and gets 16% HP and 220~1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with hero level) This effect has a CD of 210s.


Glowing Wand

Unique Passive - Scorch: Skill Damage will burn the targets for 3s, dealing 0.5% of the target's Max HP as Magic Damage per second (damaging the same target multiple times within a short duration can increase this damage to 2.5% at most), 10 damage minimum.

Carmilla Game Play Tips

In the choice of equipment, we highly recommend this set. Since Carmilla possesses strong ability of restoring HP, increasing her Defense could make Carmilla invincible in close combats.

Best Teammate for Carmilla

Best Teammate for this hero


Tips: Terizla, Odette, Cecilion

Carmilla can counter this hero during the game

Best hero to counter


Tips: Karrie, Aurora, Pharsa

Carmilla should be carefull with this hero

Best hero to counter


Tips: Harith, Masha, Wanwan

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