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Faramis build ML Hero
Support Durability Offense Ability Effects Difficulty

Upgrade Skill 2 first. When you got the Ultimate, upgrade it first. Upgrade Skill 1 at last.

Priority Skills and Spell

Recomended 1st Skill Recomended 2nd Skill Recomended Spell Recomended Spell

Faramis Skills


Shadow Stampede

Passive Skill description

Faramis enters the Shadow state for 3s, gaining 70% extra Movement Speed, 50 extra Physical & Magic Defense, increased soul fragment absorption range, and the ability to move through terrain. Enemy heroes that come into contact with Faramis in this state are dealt 250( +60% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) and applied with a (Nether Mark). Each enemy hero hit also reduces this skill's cooldown by 20%. Upon leaving the Shadow state, Faramis pulls all the marked enemy heroes toward him, dealing them 250( +60% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage). (Use Again): Faramis leaves the Shadow state early and pulls marked enemies toward him.

Hero Faramis build


Enchanted Talisman

Unique Passive - Mana Spring: Regenerates 15% of Max Mana every 10s in total.


Magic Shoes - Conceal

Active Skill - Conceal: Success


Fleeting Time

Unique Passive - Timestream: Hero kills or assists reduce Ultimate's current cooldown by 30%.



Unique Passive - Immortal: Resurrects in 2.5s after death and gets 16% HP and 220~1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with hero level) This effect has a CD of 210s.


Antique Cuirass

Unique Passive - Deter: When hit by an enemy hero's skill, reduces their Physical Attack by 5% for 2s (up to 3 stacks).


Athena's Shield

Unique Passive - Shield: Can be triggered when taking Magic Damage. Reduces Magic Damage taken by 25% for 3s (including the Magic Damage that triggers this effect). You will be able to trigger this effect again after leaving combat for 10s.

Faramis Game Play Tips

We recommend this set of Equipment items. Since Faramis is a support and mage hero with poke ability, we choose the set of Equipment that provides both survival and damage.

Best Teammate for Faramis

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Faramis can counter this hero during the game

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Faramis should be carefull with this hero

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