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Freya build ML Hero
Fighter Durability Offense Ability Effects Difficulty

Learn S1 first at level 1 and level it up as soon as you can. Damage increases with each level and cool down decreases as well.

Priority Skills and Spell

Recomended 1st Skill Recomended 2nd Skill Recomended Spell Recomended Spell

Freya Skills


Leap of Faith

Passive Skill description

Freya jumps to the target location, dealing 200( +80% Extra Physical Attack) (Physical Damage) to enemies hit and pulling them toward her. (Sacred Orb): Freya consumes 2 stack of (Sacred Orb) to increase the damage to 150%, extend the area of effect, and stun enemies hit for 0.5s.

Hero Freya build


War Axe

Unique Passive - Fighting Spirit: Dealing damage to enemies grants 10 Physical Attack and 2 Physical Penetration per second for 3s, to a max of 8 stacks (Marksmen/Mages/Supports only receive 3/1 of these stacked effects)

also grants 15% Movement Speed at full stacks.


Warrior Boots

Unique Passive - Valor: For each Basic Attack received, gains 5 extra Physical Defense (up to 25) for 3s.


Endless Battle

Unique Passive - Divine Justice: In 3s after using the skill, the caster's next Basic Attack will deal additional True Damage as much as 60% of Physical Attack with a cooldown of 1.5s.


Blade of Despair

Unique Passive - Despair: Attacking enemy units that have HP below 50% will increase hero's Physical Attack by 25%. Lasts 2s. (Takes effect before damage is dealt)


Haas's Claws

Unique Passive - Insanity: When HP drops below 50%, the hero will receive extra 15% Physical Lifesteal.



Unique Passive - Immortal: Resurrects in 2.5s after death and gets 16% HP and 220~1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with hero level) This effect has a CD of 210s.

Freya Game Play Tips

Rose Gold Meteor - good first item especially if you have mages as opponents. It gives 60 P.Attack, 30 Magic Resist and 5% Lifesteal along with a passive that grants you a shield when your HP drops to 30%.
Swift Boots - additional 15% attack speed. Having this early will enable you to farm jungle monsters faster and land more hits on an enemy whenever you initiate a fight. Getting some attack speed for Freya is good since it coincides with her 2nd skill.
Berserker's Fury - you'll need this item for more damage especially on squishy targets. It increases your crit chance by 25% and your crit damage by 40%. The passive of this item is also good.

Best Teammate for Freya

Best Teammate for this hero


Tips: If she manages to land her ult on a bunch of enemy heroes piled up in one spot, Freya will be able to jump in freely without any hindrance, making the enemy team locked in consecutive crowd controls which will render them useless with no means of fighting back ensuring a successful team fight.

Freya can counter this hero during the game

Best hero to counter


Tips: Fighters who don't have enough crowd control to win a 1v1 situation. Even if alucard has insane lifesteal, Freya is strong enough to kill him because she can dish as much damage while stunning him every few seconds.

Freya should be carefull with this hero

Best hero to counter


Tips: Freya relies heavily on her basic attacks to make the damage and Natalia's silence + smoke bomb if done correctly will make Freya unable to deal damage onto her.

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