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Irithel build ML Hero
Marksman Durability Offense Ability Effects Difficulty

Prioritize Skill 1 and lvl up ulti if available and lvl up skill 2 last.
Retribution - To be able to farm quickly and equip gears as soon as possible ,so that she can deal BIG damage.

Priority Skills and Spell

Recomended 1st Skill Recomended 2nd Skill Recomended Spell Recomended Spell

Irithel Skills



Passive Skill description

Irithel launches a volley of arrows on the target area, dealing 330( +60% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage) to enemies within and reducing their Physical Defense by 15 for 3s.

Hero Irithel build



Unique Passive - Typhoon: Every 5-3s (decreases as Attack Speed increases), the next Basic Attack deals 150-362 Magic Damage to up to 3 enemies (can critically strike and deals 200% damage against minions).


Swift Boots


Scarlet Phantom

Unique Passive - Frenzy: Crit hits increase the hero's ATK Speed by 30% and Crit Chance by 5%. Lasts 2s.


Berserker's Fury

Unique Passive - Doom: Crit hit will increase the hero's Physical Attack by 5% for 2s.


Malefic Roar

Unique Passive - Armor Buster: Each point of the enemy's Physical Defense increases Physical Penetration by 0.05% when dealing damage to it, capped at 20%.



Unique Passive - Immortal: Resurrects in 2.5s after death and gets 16% HP and 220~1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with hero level) This effect has a CD of 210s.

Irithel Game Play Tips

Swift boots - At early game , Irithel is quite slow at movement and attacking. She needs some movement speed and some attack speed for hit and move.
So, you should buy it first.
Berserker's Fury - It's important for Irithel because she need critical damage.Her ulti is more powerful when critical damage strike.
and this gear's unique effect also add critical strike's damage 40%.

Best Teammate for Irithel

Best Teammate for this hero


Tips: His ulti is best combo with Irithel's Ultimate.

Irithel can counter this hero during the game

Best hero to counter


Tips: Irithel's passive can avoid from his skill and counter back.

Irithel should be carefull with this hero

Best hero to counter


Tips: Freeze Irithel and can deal damage to Irithel.

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