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Lolita build ML Hero
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Flicker is good to do combos and for chasing / escape

Priority Skills and Spell

Recomended 1st Skill Recomended 2nd Skill Recomended Spell Recomended Spell

Lolita Skills



Passive Skill description

Lolita dashes in the designated direction. In next 4s, her next Basic Attack will take her to the enemy target, dealing (Physical Damage) equal to 200( +100% Total Physical Attack) plus 7.5% of target's Max HP. Meanwhile, the target will be stunned for 0.8s. Deals 200( +100% Total Physical Attack) plus 50% of target's Max HP to Minions.

Hero Lolita build


Thunder Belt

Unique Passive - Thunderbolt: In 3s after using the skill, the caster's next Basic Attack will deal True Damage as much as 50 plus 5% of the caster's Extra Max HP to the enemy target and surrounding units and slow them by 40%~80% (increases with the caster's Extra Max HP) for 1s. This effect has a 1.5s cooldown.


Warrior Boots - Encourage

Unique Passive - Passive - Encourage: Success



Unique Passive - Bless: Raises shield absorption and HP regeneration effects by 30%.


Athena's Shield

Unique Passive - Shield: Can be triggered when taking Magic Damage. Reduces Magic Damage taken by 25% for 3s (including the Magic Damage that triggers this effect). You will be able to trigger this effect again after leaving combat for 10s.


Dominance Ice

Unique Passive - Arctic Cold: Reduces the Shield and HP Regen of nearby enemy heroes by 50% (excluding those affected by "Life Drain"), and their Attack Speed by 30%.



Unique Passive - Immortal: Resurrects in 2.5s after death and gets 16% HP and 220~1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with hero level) This effect has a CD of 210s.

Lolita Game Play Tips

Start off with 1 magic necklace, if you are more agressive, buy 2 of them. If you are still using up mana quickly, buy dominance ice before Oracle. If you are laning against mages, get Oracle first. Only sell off your mana necklace if you need the extra gold or you are building your 5th / 6th item, get immortality before demon's advent if you are dying alot.

Best Teammate for Lolita

Best Teammate for this hero


Tips: Laning with him is really good because you both have crowd control and damage to kill anyone.

Lolita can counter this hero during the game

Best hero to counter


Tips: You can block each and every single attack so he is generally not a huge threat.

Lolita should be carefull with this hero

Best hero to counter


Tips: Kagura is a really slippery mage with multiple escape abilities. If you stun her with skill 1, she can get away easily. Her ultimate and teleporting to umbrella can cancel your ultimate, cancelling your most powerful skill. The only way to not get your ultimate interrupted is to pay attention to her skill usage. Make sure she have used both her umbrella teleport and dash, so she have no chance to cancel or escape your ultimate.

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